I will reduce calls to tech support

When your customer hits a snag, my documentation will provide the right information in most cases, because it is useful—accurate, intelligible, and easy to navigate. I have many years of experience listening to engineers and software developers explain what they're doing and then translating that into language that non-experts can understand.

I insist on learning the product to the deepest level possible so that I can ask intelligent questions and comprehend the answers. In fact, I will learn your product so well that I will fulfill quality-assurance functions—finding bugs that the developers don't notice—because I engage the project from the perspective of the naive user.

For over ten years I have cultivated my skill set in multiple fields and with various companies. I have learned software process improvement, dozens of LAN technologies, wiring and circuit-board diagrams, banking customer service, and internet security.

Please feel free to peruse my writing samples and resume.