I'm awfully good at this.

I have no problem scrambling up steep learning curves, imposing order on chaos, and explaining how things work—in excruciating detail, if need be.

I easily organize data into simple-to-use formats: databases, charts, graphs, tables, procedures, manuals, help files.

I am especially adept at converting abstract concepts and processes into pictorial representations, to design layouts and color schemes and develop or follow style guides.

Since 1997, I have cultivated my skill set in multiple fields and with various companies. So far, I have learned software process improvement, dozens of LAN technologies, accounting in two languages, wiring and circuit-board diagrams, banking customer service, and internet security.

I would like to expand my knowledge into healthcare, manufacturing, chemistry, or any other field I have not tried or continue building my knowledge base in IT.

Please feel free to peruse my writing samples and resume.